As I turn 34….34 lessons!


I will be turning 34 at the stroke of midnight God willing this evening, and the past 10 years have been an amazing journey for me and I am looking forward to the next 10!

Here are my 34 pointers:

  1. What you earn will never be enough– your commitments, spending or investments will grow potentially wiping out the gains you make. I yearned for a 6 figure pay check many years ago and when I attained it, I still wanted more. Give me a 7 figure pay monthly cheque right now and I will have a use for every cent- most of it going to investments though. Lesson here, money should not be your constant pursuit.
  2. Spend more time with those that challenge you but respect you– if you are the “superstar” in your clique, then it is time for you to find a new one where you look up to everybody to stretch you. Word of caution though; ensure that you still get the respect you deserve. The last thing you need is people looking down upon you, telling you about how much they earn, and how little you earn or how much they have achieved and the little you have done.
  3. Everybody has their unique journey- in relation to point 2, always know that everybody’s path in life is different and so is yours. Just because somebody got married at 24, another person owns 2 houses by the time they are 30 should not put you down. God’s timing is always perfect.
  4. Don’t mix friendship and business– avoid at all costs mixing friendship with business but you have to, clearly articulate the ground rules in a legally binding manner and be quick to act in case of any contravention of business rules.
  5. Money lent to friends and family– never expect this back, and therefore give what will not make your life grind to a halt. Things will always crop up leading to delayed payment or non- payment, not that I am being a pessimist but always prepare for the worst- default. Speaking of which I need to sort some pending debts, that I have been sweeping under the rug for so long 🙂
  6. Seasonal friends– life is filled with such, when they drop off do not try to cling on. God will always give you the people you need in a particular season.
  7. Give cheerfully– never be give halfheartedly, if you feel that way then do not give at all.  2 Corinthians 9:7 New International Version (NIV) Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
  8. The more you give the more you get– there is a caveat with this, your heart needs to be in the right place, your reason for giving should be genuine i.e. not to gain more. This applies when giving to God or even others. There was once I gave all that I had as an offering, I had been sleeping on the floor on a worn out mattress for over 6 months and I needed bed badly. I never expected anything back but God blessed me with 13 fold what I gave 6 months later!
  9. Read! Read! Read! Proverbs 24:5 Amplified Bible (AMP) 5 A wise man is strong,And a man of knowledge strengthens his power”. There is no point of wasting time trying to make the same mistakes others have, learn from them, read their books and better your ways. After years of struggles, I am now trying to read 1 new book per month.
  10. Be yourself- don’t change– my former boss asked me if I could be more charismatic, in a bid to close more sales, but that just wasn’t me! Changing yourself for a job or anyone for that matter is pointless, draining and useless. Any change should come from within without external influence after consistent prayer. Everybody is wired different.
  11. Work out- when you hit 30 and the money is rolling in enabling you to dine at any fine restaurant at will, extra pounds will be pounding you within no time. Eat well and work out- which is a good stress suppressor and also increases your energy levels.
  12. Love is work but it should not be overtime- problems are bound to be there but not full time, if this is the case then you are probably in a toxic relationship that you should get out of asap!
  13. Finding the right one– are you attracted to them? Do you connect with them intellectually? Have they acknowledged their areas of brokenness and are working on them? Do you share a common purpose? Has God given you a confirmation about this relationship directly or though Do you friends or family even via something as  simple as them speak positively. If you answer Yes to all, then chances are that you are on the right path.
  14. Build what outlives you– wow, this is something I am still trying to learn. I am always thinking of an exit strategy even before I get involved in any new venture, but truth be told if you aim to build what outlives that leverages on your passion and skill sets, then profit will automatically follow. Not only for you but for generations to come.
  15. You cant keep tabs on all your friends– I find this really draining, but do so with a handful, literally not more than 5. Otherwise you might keep having endless meet ups.
  16. Always be humble– not matter how wealthy you may be or power you may command be humble! Pray if you have to, but it is one vital quality. My current boss and mentor in the past as CEO of a publicly listed company would walk from his office to home at times in the evenings and let his chauffeur go home with his fancy car.
  17. Remember People’s names– I hardly get to do this, but it can definitely take you places if you do.
  18. Address small problems or they will become big problems– get that new noise in your car sorted out the moment it starts, otherwise you could end up overhauling your engine if you do not act. That is the same thing with life, one small problem in a business or relationship could end up being a huge one if not dealt with.
  19. Never stop dreaming– I do this all the time! No dream is ever too big if backed with a clear cut plan and strategy.
  20. Live in the moment– worrying about tomorrow or the past will do you no good, you may end up missing out on “now”- the time is “now.
  21. Don’t be too greedy– I once turned down an offer of USD 50k for 20% for a venture that I co-own simply because I wanted more. I was quite shot sighted and had I accepted that offer 3 years back, then by now the business could have been quite huge and I could have probably flipped it to a bigger investor. Since passing the offer I have been forced to bootstrap and inject additional funds, but I have learnt that beyond the money it would be more important as point 14 states “building what outlives me”.
  22. Be right with family– no matter how crazy the world may get, family is family who will always have your back so always do your best no matter what to be right with everybody in family no matter how pain staking it might be.
  23. There is a reason why that person is “crazy”– ever wondered why your workmate will always step on everybody’s toes in the office? Why your boss will yell all day? Or why your neighbor is always drunk? It is simply because we live in a broken world filled with people dealing with all sorts of issues. It makes it easier when you look at things from this perspective so as to try to an extent try to accommodate others of course within reasonable measures.

hahahahaha…….and I now have a brain lock, I cannot think of anything more at this stage to make it 34 points, but I will surely add more to my list God willing next year.

Be blessed,

Charles Kariuki.







4 thoughts on “As I turn 34….34 lessons!

  1. Happy birthday Bwana Charles, God bless you with many more fulfilling years. And thank you for the useful pointers you’ve shared, evidently wisdom is being amassed with the passing years. Keep it up!


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